Max hard cap: 16,800,000 USD
Start: 01/10/2018
End: 31/12/2018
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Project Team

Richard, Foster
CEO & Founder

Amy, Diez
CFO & Сo-Founder

Frank , Fichtenmueller

David 'DC', Collier
Head of Technology

Edaan , Getzel
Head of Design

Weiqi, Li
Head of Product

Pavel , Feklistov
Lead Developer

Subramanian , Venkatesan
Blockchain Architect

Lee , Raj
Solidity Developer

Danylo , Kolesnychenko
Product Manager

Sergey, Mitrofanov
Infrastructure Engineer

Matt , Calver
Token Sale and Compliance Manager

Vladimir, Popov

Erwin , Doornbos
Head of Growth

Sam, Howard
Head of PR

Andreea , Tilibasa
Social Media & Community Manager

Darren , Camas
Advisory Board Chairman

Daniel , Shapiro
Artificial Intelligence (PhD)

Fabian , Vogelsteller
Ethereum Developer, ERC20, Founder Lukso

Bertrand , Theaud
Blockchain Legal Expert

Adam , Dossa
Blockchain Developer

Avadhoot , Kulkarni
Marketing Expert

Adrian , Smith
Business Strategy (PhD)

Sean , Hynes
Corporate Advisor

James , Welsh

Paul, Gordon
Blockchain Strategy

Jorge , Rodriguez
Blockchain & Platform Security

Poseidon , Ho
Strategic Advisor

Nate , George
Strategic Advisor


Token distribution
Token Buyers 50%
Rewards Program 4%
Founders 8%
Core Team 4.75%
Advisors 9.8%
Rewards Pool 10%
Reserve 13.45%

Tokens exchange
1 DREAM = 0.05 USD



ICO Review

Incorporated in 2016, DREAM builds on the gains of Moneo, a blockchain startup that links qualified candidates to innovative companies. 

But with enhancements resulting from the adoption of artificial intelligence, the Moneo platform transforms into DREAM, now the world’s leading marketplace for hiring high-end, hand-picked freelance blockchain talent. 

The platform addresses key issues in launching a project such as validating the feasibility of an idea; structuring the project up to the commercial level; and gathering talent.

DREAM extends the capabilities of the prior platform by catering to even blockchain-focused startups. Its ecosystem is complete with services needed by entrepreneurs from conceptualizing, accelerating a project’s progress and sustaining momentum. 

DREAM’s solution is a six-pronged approach. These are namely:

  • DREAM Builder: an advisor, project planner, and team builder that scopes the project and establishes the team. 

  • DREAM Reputation: ensures security of personal data 

  • DREAM Talent: handpicks high-end talent as advisors for every kind of project, whether short-term or long-term

  • DREAM Token: serves as the utility token to avail of all services in the ecosystem

The platform achieves this as its team coordinates with every client, woking hands-on to deliver all their projects. 

To continue propelling its mission, the firm launches an initial coin offering that commenced in the third quarter of this year and concludes within the last three months of 2018.

How to buy?

The DREAM token is based on the Ethereum. Participants of the DREAM ICO should first create a digital wallet acceptable in the ERC20 standard.

Is it mineable? 

DREAM produced a total of 1 billion tokens for its ICO, half to be allocated in the sale. The remaining half will be distributed for reserve, rewards pool, advisors, founders, core team and rewards program.