What is Substratum (SUB)?

Sep 12, 2018 at 18:25

Substratum is the native currency of the Substratum Network that utilizes a decentralized and encrypted peer-to-peer protocol designed to solve issues such as censorship, data security and corporate interference on the internet.

The network is made up of computer networks, which transmit data securely using cryptography and compression algorithms. The system works by incentivizing participants to rent out unused processing power as a hosting platform for websites to eliminate the need for centralized servers.

Launched in the third quarter of 2017, it is led by chief executive officer and co-founder Justin Tabb, the man behind OverridePro; a web development firm for digital solutions with clients including Apple, Facebook and HP, among others.

The network through the SUB, provides the means for economic incentivization on the network hosting costs to individuals running nodes through their devices that are billed through per-request micro-transactions.

At present, the system has four major elements which include the SubstratumNode, a software interface for the network to run web, database and app broadcast nodes as well as to provide a means to receive SUB payments. However, users do not need to hold SUB to run a SubstratumNode as it only allow users to control how much CPU, GPU and RAM they want to contribute to the network.

Likewise, the system has a developer toolkit for developers to write applications that include an encrypted database management system, a web application server, and an app development system and broadcast server.

The two other elements are the SubstratumStore which is a decentralized app store for developers to submit their applications for purchase and the SubstratumDNS to allow standard browsers on any operating systems to access sites through the network.

It can be noted that the SubstratumDNS is AI enabled and receives DNS requests along with the geolocation of the requestor in order to locate the closest available SubstratumNode to attend a request.

Where to buy?
SUB is available in major exchanges globally, including Binance, KuCoin and Coss.Io, among others and can be bought through fiat or other cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH.

Is it mineable?
SUB is not mineable with a maximum supply of 472,000,000 tokens. At present, there is already 383,021,000 SUB in circulation.