What is Storm (STORM)?

Oct 05, 2018 at 20:41

Storm: Freelancing Made Easy Through Blockchain
Storm touts itself as the first decentralized micro-task marketplace supported by blockchain technology.

StormX Inc., the company behind the project, rebranded its AdTech application “BitMaker” to “Storm Play” as it integrated the platform with blockchain technology and increased the game mechanics in the app.

With the change, Storm offers a different approach to freelancers, allowing them to take micro tasks, gigs and short-term jobs at just one percent of their total earnings—which are in cryptocurrencies.

Micro tasks are all listed in a decentralized marketplace called the Storm Market, which the company likened to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Gigs will come from what it calls “Storm Makers” while the freelancers are called “Storm Players.” Jobs are accepted using smart contracts.

There is also a “Storm Master,” which makes sure everything is in order in the Storm market ecosystem.

Those who complete the tasks are rewarded with units called Bolts, which in turn can be used to redeem STORM tokens. These tokens are ERC20-compliant tokens that can be traded.

With the gamification aspect of the platform, the more micro-tasks a person takes, the more incentives that person gets. This aims to boost the user’s motivation for participation, enhance the level of engagement and increase user loyalty.

StormX is taking advantage of the shift to technology and automation, and to more open working hours in the freelance industry.

It also helps task managers to tap the global pool while freelancers are able to accept gigs no matter where they are.

More over, it presents an answer freelancers’ woes of losing up to 40 percent to transaction fees and long transaction periods, thereby reducing their earnings.

Where to buy?
STORM can be purchased using cryptocurrencies in exchanges like Upbit, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Kyber Network, Bitbins, Coinrail, YoBit, Coinnest, IDEX, Radar Relay, Ether Delta and WazirX.

Is it mineable?
StormX created a fixed supply of 10 billion tokens.