What is Populous? (PPT)

Jun 29, 2018 at 16:18

Coin overview
Populuous is a peer-to-peer platform that utilizes the blockchain technology to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with an efficient way to conduct invoice financing and trading.

Founded by Stephen Williams last year, the system allows businesses to sell their outstanding invoices at a discount to quickly raise cash. The person buying the invoice takes over and receives the money when the client pays.

The decentralized platform uses smart contracts, XBRL data and pegged tokens to promote an ideal trading environment for both invoice sellers and investors in trading invoices from all over the world.

Developers of Populous claims that invoice trading in its platform, compared to other conventional methods, is cheaper due to the stability of the value of digital tokens aside from the blockchain technology’s ability to process cross-border activities more quickly.

At present, invoice trading is estimated to be a $3 trillion industry.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Populous has two types of tokens, PPT Tokens and Pokens. The PPT Tokens are access tokens that can be purchased from exchanges to gain access to the Populous Platform.

Meanwhile, Pokens are the in-platform currency that is used to make transfers between the invoice sellers and invoice buyers. Their value are fixed to a fiat, which means that one Poken equals to 1 GBP and is also applicable to all supported fiat denominated currencies.

Where to buy?
PPT is currently available in major exchanges including Binance, OKEx, ForkDelta, Mercatox, LATOKEN, KuCoin, Radar Relay, Coin Exchange, Livecoin, and YoBit, among others.

Is it mineable?
PPT is not mineable and Populous has created a maximum of 53,252,246 tokens. At present, its circulating supply is already at 37,004,027 PPT.