Walmart Sells Bitcoin Chocolate For $1

Sep 11, 2018 at 21:36

There’s a Bitcoin you can buy for $1.

And you can find it in the “Everyday Low Price” Section of all Walmart Stores.

While the whole cryptocurrency market is abuzz with the recent price drop of Bitcoin, American multinational retailer Walmart has quietly started selling Bitcoin chocolates.

In a Reddit post, the Bitcoin milk chocolate coins are placed in bright blue boxes with the Bitcoin symbol.

Packed in six (or 1.48 oz) each mesh bag, the chocolates are wrapped in gold tinfoil. It is available on Walmart’s online store too.

A dollar gives you not one, but six Bitcoins! This is compared to $6,356.15 when you purchase an actual Bitcoin.

Taking a closer look, the chocolate is made by Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company, an American candy manufacturer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It seems like Frankford’s new line of chocolate, as the company bared the products on its social media accounts just this week.

“Milk Chocolate Bitcoins as the next currency? Who’s with us..” it said on its Facebook page.

The company even equated “Lots of Milk Chocolate” and Bitcoins to “Pure happiness.”

Now, no one knows whether this is a marketing ploy by the chocolate company since it has been making sweets for over 70 years now.

Walmart, on the other hand, has been one of the various retailers that has been using blockchain—Bitcoin’s underlying technology—to monitor food supply chains.

Last June, the US retail giant won a patent to develop a Bitcoin-powered electrical grid.