Reddit Users Hit Famous Crypto YouTuber as a Scammer

Nov 05, 2018 at 23:33

Reddit users over the weekend has called for the support of other crypto enthusiasts to denounce famous YouTuber, Michael Suppo, claiming that he is a scammer.

The man known for his moniker, Suppoman, gained his fame from uploading videos in YouTube giving crypto trading advice. However, the Reddit community is eager on breaking his alleged modus operandi of shilling coins that will eventually be revealed as scam projects.

The very active Reddit crypto community listed that among the things that he have done to tarnish his reputation include his endorsement of lending platforms such as Bitconnect and Ethconnect; his creation of multiple pump and dump schemes such as chain-coin and superior coin.

They added that his antics of taking money while pretending to be honest to many newbies in the community as well as his notoriety in selling courses where he has close to zero knowledge apart from his habit of receiving payments from ICOs to shill them are among his greatest sins in giving the crypto community a bad name.

“Do not forget for the sake of our community, it is our duty to help whenever we can that innocent people are not scammed and taken advantage of. All his videos and content must be massively down-voted so he doesn’t appear on YouTube result anymore,” a Reddit user called netstrong expressed in the thread.

The full thread can be accessed here which continues to garner the attention of the industry.

Despite the said issue, it seems that Suppoman is not keen on reacting to it directly that can be seen in his latest tweet