What is Pundi X (NPXS)?

Oct 12, 2018 at 19:17

Pundi X: Bringing Cryptocurrencies To Mainstream
Pundi X is on a mission to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people by building a decentralized platform which is aimed to become the 7-Eleven or Walmart of blockchain.

Its initial coin offering was launched in January 2018, a time when the cryptocurrency market started to tumble but managed to be sold out in 90 minutes with its proposition of having people buy and use cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere.

To start achieving this goal, it is eyeing to get the attention of new generation of crypto enthusiasts, speculators and traders with its point-of-sale (POS) devices and mobile wallet.

How did Pundi X start? It actually wants to be the answer or solution to the learning curve for newbies in the crypto world. It wants to be the go-to system to quickly learn the ins and outs of the crypto ecosystem.

Pundi X offers a solution with three interplaying pieces of technology namely the Pundi X Platform, mobile wallets, and card payment.

Within its platform, the team is distributing various PoS smart devices to retailers so they can accept payments—whether for buying a cryptocurrency or for goods—using cryptocurrencies stored in their wallets.

It claims that its PoS system are better than Bitcoin ATMs because of its lower costs, more services and its compact size.

With the goal become the biggest decentralized offline cryptocurrency, the team targets to distribute more than 100,000 devices within the next three years, starting in Indonesia and eventually in other Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

Its native token, the Pundi X token (NPSX), will provide “gas” to fuel the network to process transactions and advertisements, and to identify which customers are qualified to receive discounts.

The Pundi X mobile wallet, meanwhile, makes sure that users will find it easy to use. It provides users a simple way of securing their cryptocurrencies through a password system similar to any bank process. It can also store various digital tokens as well as fiat money for convenience.

With ease of access as its top priority, the smart card payment allows users to pay their purchases directly with their funds within traditional or crypto wallets with or without the need of a mobile application.

The team behind Pundi X is composed of computer engineers and entrepreneurs led by CEO and founder Zac Cheah, who used to develop HTML games.

The team operates globally with offices in Jakarta, London, São Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen and Singapore. As of August 2018, it has over 150 full-time staff, half of which are focused on research and development.

Where to buy?
NPXS can be purchased on Binance, Hotbit, Bit-Z, LATOKEN, Indodax, ABCC, IDEX, Bitbns, Coinbene, Sistemkoin, Coinnest, Coinrail, WazirX, Allbit, Tidex, Tokenomy and Radar Relay.

Is it mineable?
NPSX has a total supply of 280,255,193,861, of which 125,556,987,271 are in circulation. It is not mineable so acquiring it should be done through exchanges.