Nov 08, 2018 at 0:02

The Komodo platform aims to offer the blockchain technology at an affordable level so as to improve the operations of various business players and cryptocurrency investors. Its solution is to frame the blockchain structure with highly reliable security features without demanding high costs, as does Bitcoin and other giant cryptocurrency names today, and make it accessible to small businesses and startups.

This is made possible thanks to Komodo’s new method, the “so-called atomic swap”, which allows the trading cryptocurrencies, directly from one person to another. The scheme cuts off all forms of middlemen, vouchers and escrow services from the transaction, redefining what makes for a “decentralized exchange.” 

Doing away with registration requirements, Komodo’s platform saves investors from engaging in a tedious process that can even jeopardize confidential information they may have to provide to third-parties during the transaction. 

Likewise, entrepreneurs can benefit from Komodo’s decentralized exchange as they can directly market their products online without hiring promoters to do the job. Also, those who already have existing blockchain projects outside the Komodo space can feature their coin on its decentralized exchange. 

The Komodo platform accepts 95% of today’s cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin-protocol based coins, Ethereum, and Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. 

Is it mineable?

Komodo has a finite supply of 200 million coins which is estimated to be fully exhausted after 14 years from its circulation. Of this, 100 million were pre-mined and sold in its initial coin offering which ran from October to November 2016. The volume distributed to investors stood at 90 million while 10 million were put aside for Komodo’s future projects.

The remaining 100 million coins continue to be mined.

Komodo investors can receive a 5% yearly increase on their Komodo holdings if they have more than 10 KMD and collect the 5%/12 reward once every month, until the supply limit is reached. 

Where to buy?

Komodo can be purchased in some of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. Exchanges where Kthe token is listed are namely Binance, Bittrex, BarterDEX, UPbit, ShapeShift, Cryptopia, CoinSpot, Coinswitch, Change Now.