GXChain (GXS)

Nov 10, 2018 at 1:03

The GXChain is a platform that banks on the blockchain technology to bring ease in the storage, transfer and exchange of big personal data.

Targeting a broad range of customers from businesses and developers to everyday mobile users, GXChain is positioning itself as a viable solution for both its capacity and security feature.

To access services in the GXChain ecosystem, the GXS tokens are launched and issued by the GXS Foundation Ltd. 

This makes GXS the sole form of payment method in the platform and used for these services:

• Mining at the Blockcity app, the GXChain’s app

• Incentivizes users to finish quests and tasks offered in the app

• To be granted as reward for contributions such as in the bounty program

• For P2P data transactions

• For developers to register their applications and be made available to members of the GXChain community 

• For customers to use or buy applications

The token will be controlled by the GXS foundation and will be frozen at the time of initial coin offering. However, the tokens, at least six million, will be held from circulation during the first year. 

From the second year, the unfrozen amount will be cut to five million. 

Funds generated from the initial coin offering will be used to develop the platform. 

How to buy? 

To purchase BXS tokens, one should first sign up in eligible exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Buyers should also have an Ethereum wallet and use a debit/credit card or traditiinal currency deposited into the digital wallet.

Is it mineable?

There is a total of 100 million GXS coins produced.