Ex-Reddit Crypto Chief Officially Sides With Bitcoin SV

Nov 27, 2018 at 22:22

Former Reddit crypto leader Ryan X. Charles said Bitcoin SV (BSV), one of the two competing versions for the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, may see itself surging while all other cryptos are falling.

In a tweet on Friday, Charles noted that there are only two “long-term possibilities” in the crypto space.

“1. All cryptos go to zero. 2. BSV goes to one million USD per coin and all other cryptos go to zero,” said Charles, who is now the founder of Yours.org.

He explained that “only BSV has economics that work long-term” although it is also vulnerable “to fail without massive growth.”

“Adoption trumps everything,” he added.

The tweet was not the first time the former Reddit leader expressed favor for Bitcoin SV.

In an earlier dialogue with CoinGeek, Charles hinted: “I like the original protocol. [Bitcoin] SV is closest to that.”

However, the recent statement may be the first time that Charles showed more eagerness in the prospects of Bitcoin SV.

In a later tweet, Charles congratulated Bitcoin SV for becoming the newest member of the crypto market’s magic ten.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin SV landed seventh as it gained 21.99% to stand at $104.17 apiece.

The crypto leader-turned-entrepreneur had been expressing support for larger blocks in the Bitcoin network, believing these to be capable of processing millions of transactions, even simultaneously.

Such capacity will solidify Bitcoin’s viability even in the long run.

He also posted a YouTube video in which he also slammed accusations that he’s siding with Bitcoin SV developer nChain which is also alleged to be Yours Inc.’s largest investor.

“Bitmain is actually the largest investor, so when people say I’m funded by nChain and they say that’s why I’m saying what I’m saying, it’s actually the exact opposite—that the largest investor is actually on the other side,” Charles said.