Dorado: The blockchain-based delivery service

May 07, 2018 at 15:31

Beginning as a food delivery service in 2014, Dorado now markets itself as “the next UBER on blockchain” with the goal of providing on-demand delivery service for all kinds of goods.

Dorado says they are the first platform in the market to offer customers an easier way to order and the first to deliver by way of drones, robots, AI and a network of “Uber-like” couriers.

Their service is based on the commercially available food delivery platform Foodout, which is already operating in six countries around the world.

In 2017, the global market size for on-demand delivery services was at $215 billion with 30% of people online. Dorado hopes to capture a sizeable portion of the predicted market in 2022, which is estimated to grow to $510 billion with 61% of people online.

Their expansion plan aims to capture 20% of this upcoming market share in their target countries by 2020. They will be targeting 23 countries around the world.

The Dorado platform uses AI chatbots to analyze customer preferences based on tracked previous orders, location and context of the order.

Their HyperLocal Logistics platform uses blockchain to connect customers with local drones, robots and couriers to handle delivery from stores and restaurants to consumers.

Dorado has a quarterly payout bonus program, Food Forward Dorado, exclusively for active Dorado token holders who use the Dorado platform and services. They are offering to pay quarterly commission bonus payments equivalent to 7% of the Food Forward net sales as computed within the ecosystem.

The bonus payouts are granted in Dorado tokens (DOR), which the company says is issued by a Swiss-based company.

As a show of transparency and long-term commitment, the Dorado Team, Founders and the Foodout Group will be locking their tokens for three years. This is equivalent to a combined total of 23% of the total DOR token supply.

DOR is ERC20-compliant and with a total supply of 510,000,000 tokens, with a total of 51% or 260,100,000 up for grabs. Their ICO timeline began on February 7 and will end on May 16, with the current value being at 1 ETH = 6,667 DOR at the time of writing.