Czech Crypto Exchange Recycles Mining Heat to Grow Tomatoes

Mar 13, 2018 at 22:51

Czech cryptocurrency exchange, NakamotoX is planning to launch a Blockchain startup based on growing edible crops from excess heat generated by mining cryptocurrency.

In a Twitter discussion this week, Kamil Brejcha, co-founder of the crypto exchange said that they formed bespoke housing for Bitcoin servers that harnesses heat and sends it to greenhouses planted with tomatoes.

The official added that the project will soon be accompanied by a new business called Agritechture that already delivered a five-acre greenhouse full of tomatoes that they call Cryptomatoes.

“We are using the excess heat for the tomato greenhouse and it is working,” Brejcha expressed.

Currently, environmental issues are being hurled against cryptocurrency mining, especially with the excess heat that the process generates.

Brejcha noted that in growing the crops, the energy cycle loop for the project is currently closed as mining activities use energy from biowaste.

“You will be able to buy (cryptomatoes) in common shops soon but I cannot reveal more details about the brand now,” he added.

The official further expressed that there were also initial plans to grow medical marijuana using the process but legislative hurdles forced them to focus on more conventional crops.