Blockchain Firm Claims that Crypto Sign-ups Tripled Last Quarter

Dec 05, 2018 at 21:18

Blockchain-focused online payment processor NetCents Technology Inc. claims that direct merchant cryptocurrency sign-ups more than tripled in the past quarter.

The company noted that there are now 387 direct merchant sign-ups in addition to merchant partners as growth accelerates each month with quarterly growth reaching as much as 500 percent.

“It’s great to see all of our hard work starting to coalesce… We have spent the last year laying the groundwork to become the underlying technology to drive cryptocurrency payments, and it is starting to take off,” Clayton Moore, the company‚Äôs chief executive officer, said in a statement.

Notably, since launching a partnership program in August, NetCents has announced eight major partners which allow the company with direct access to hundreds of thousands of merchants. The company also recently begun adding merchants to its platform that accepts cryptocurrency.

Earlier this week, the company also released its first cryptocurrency processing platform based on the software as a service distribution model.

The news came amid a study released by AMF last month claiming that global adoption of initial coin offerings, slowed down.

However, it affirmed the fact that ICOs helped small companies to preserve the integrity of their capital and also aids other industries to raise money.