Mining Pool Brings More Hash in Bitcoin Cash ABC

Nov 19, 2018 at 23:11 and have began mining BCH on the Bitcoin ABC network, putting rival Bitcoin SV at the edge of losing the long-standing “hash war.”

The Bitmain-led now has more hash power than all those deployed by the BCH SV pools.

Meanwhile, Roger Ver’s told its mining pool users to transfer to a different pool if they thumb down the company’s support in the Bitcoin ABC network.

This followed about 65% of the total Bitcoin Cash hash pool expressing interest to mine on either pool.

The pool has a regular hashrate of over 400 petahashes for Bitcoin Core. It has so far mined more than 1700 blocks, marking a higher success rate compared to Bitcoin Cash. With a BCH hashrate ranges slightly lower as against Bitcoin Core, will be able to pour all its hashpower into the Bitcoin ABC network.

As for its foes, SV Pool and Coingeek account for 58% of overall hash, obviously signifying its support for the SV fork.

The war emerged from the Bitcoin Cash hard fork on Nov.15. This led to the parting of the blockchain to create two new cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV or the Satoshi Version.

Both have been in arms race to dominance over the hash power of the network.

Pools like, Antpool and are all in support of the Bitcoin ABC while Coingeek and back the Bitcoin SV version.