Amazon Bags Two Patents For Digital Signatures, Distributed Data Storage Systems

Nov 14, 2018 at 20:38

E-commerce giant Amazon has secure the approval of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two patents.

Documents of the patents were published Nov. 13 on the USPTO website.

The first patent, filed in December 2015, relates to a technique that will extend grids for data storage.

“One or more grids of redundancy coded shards, such as those stored or otherwise represented on grid encoded storage systems, are configured to be extensible,” the abstract of the patent reads.

“As additional data is added to the grid, the grid may be extended by converting some of the null shards into data or derived shards, on a row-by-row basis, and regenerating or re-deriving additional shards as necessary,” it added.

The second patent, filed April this year, establishes a signature authority system that allows the generation, distribution, validation, and revocation of one-time-use cryptographic keys.

The second one is said to protect “the integrity of digital signatures and encrypted communications.”

This is based on a Merkle Tree-structured, encrypted system through which “the signature authority provides a key-distribution service that distributes blocks of cryptographic keys to authorized signing delegates. “

“An authorized signing delegate contacts the key-distribution service and requests a block of cryptographic keys,” the patent read.

However, Amazon was not the first to bring up the concept. Firms like Filecoin and Sia, among others have also attempted to improve ata storage using blockchain technology, while some also incorporate cloud storage solutions.

The e-commerce giant also has other approved patent applications that do not deal with blockchain or data storage. Among these is Amazon Technologies’ patent that creates a streaming data marketplace to allow users of the network to to receive real-time crypto transaction data.