Sony develops rights handling system with blockchain

Oct 16, 2018 at 0:16

Sony Corp. said it has developed a rights management system for digital content by using the blockchain technology.

The giant electronics multinational said the new system resulted from Sony and Sony Global Education’s previously developed system for authenticating, sharing, and rights management of educational data, and additionally features functionality for processing rights-related information.

“This newly-developed system is specialized for managing rights-related information of written works, with features for demonstrating the date and time that electronic data was created, leveraging the properties of blockchains to record verifiable information in a difficult to falsify way, and identifying previously recorded works, allowing participants to share and verify when a piece of electronic data was created and by whom,” Sony Corp. said in a statement.

“In addition to the creation of electronic data, booting up this system will automatically verify the rights generation of a piece of written works, which has conventionally proven difficult,” it added, noting that the lends itself to the rights management of various types of digital content including electronic textbooks and other educational content, music, films, VR content, and e-books.

Sony Corp. reiterated its high hopes for blockchain in establishing and mapping out networks “where programs and information are difficult to destroy or falsify, and are well-adapted for the free transfer of data and rights.”

It is this feature that, Sony Corp. said, that makes it a viable technology to adopt in various uses such as finance, merchandise distribution management, the sharing economy, and public peer-to-peer network transactions, primarily involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
As such, the giant electronics firm believes in the potential of blockchain “to bring about even more innovative services in the future.”

As such, Sony Corp. is contemplating possible commercial uses in a wide range of fields including in the education sector. Its subsidiary, Sony Global Education has been exploring and prototyping ways to maximize the use of blockchain.

The group is also contemplating using blockchain to disrupt information management and data distribution across various fields.

“Through the technological development and commercialization of blockchains, including with this new system, Sony will continue exploring the possibilities that blockchain technology holds for Sony Group’s diverse and wide-ranging business domains,” it added.

Headquartered Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Sony Corp. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets and owns the largest music entertainment business in the world.

Also a big player in the film and television industry, Sony Corp’s businesses also stretches to the gaming and financial services sectors.