Philippines’ Vote Counting Systems Provider Considers Use of Blockchain Technology

Jul 31, 2018 at 19:55

The local unit of Smartmatic, the Philippines’ systems provider of vote counting machines expressed interest to utilize blockchain technology in the country to allow people to vote online from the comfort of their own homes.

In a report by the Philippine Star, Smartmatic Philippines president Jane Coo claimed that the company was already successful in using its TIVI blockchain technology in Norway during a local plebiscite that led to a record-breaking 85 percent voting turnout.

She noted that with the said system, voters were allowed to vote online even as polling stations were still put up for those without access to the internet but assured extra security in the integrity of votes.

“We’re still studying if this (blockchain technology) would be applicable here in the Philippines. Our system is extremely secure and transparent. Blockchain will make it even more secure and transparent,” Coo expressed.

She emphasized that information in the system is not centralized as well as encrypted individually, making it almost impossible to hack that will allow people to vote with full confidence as the technology relies on a network of computers continuously synchronizing information with each other.

However, it can be noted that in the Philippines, changing election-related rules would need proper legislation in order to be implemented.

The company’s Norway experience was not the first time where blockchain was utilized. In March 2016, Smartmatic-Cybernetica employed blockchain to implement its voting solution for the Utah Republican party to conduct its Presidential Preference Caucus.