HTC Rolls Out Blockchain Phone in the Market

Oct 24, 2018 at 0:14

Taiwan-based HTC has launched its blockchain-based smartphone, making it the first company to do so.

The phone, dubbed the Exodus 1, is available for pre-order for 0.15 bitcoins or 4.78 ether tokens. This is equivalent to around $960. Shipping is expected to be completed by December.

The phone doesn’t is also built with flagship specs – boasting a 6-inch Quad HD+ display with a 18:9 aspect ratio,and a beefy 3500mAh battery to boot. It also has a 12MP + 16MP main camera with high quality zoom with a dual 8MP front-facing camera.

HTC said the Exodus 1 puts security at the core of its features. As earlier noted in a report by Disruptblock, incorporating the blockchain technology in a mobile phone can ensure security of your crypto assets.

In addition, the Exodus 1 comes with a secure enclave which is separate from the Android operating system (OS) which can be vulnerable to hacks.

“Think of it as a micro OS that runs in parallel with Android,” Phil Chen, HTC’s decentralized chief officer, was quoted in a CNBC report.

“It basically is a wallet, but the wallet, what it does is hold your private keys,” the official added, referring to a set of code meant only for the wallet owner as the code serves as the only pass to access funds in his crypto wallet.