Alibaba Cloud’s Blockchain Service Goes Global

Oct 25, 2018 at 21:51

Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of China’s most valuable conglomerate, announced its more aggressive expansion to serve more markets outside its home country.

First launched in October 2017 with services initially available in China, the company expressed that its cloud service will now become globally available to pursue territories in Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.
Notably, Alibaba Cloud’s service is based on the Hyperledger Fabric and the Ant Blockchain that enable users to build and implement applications.
The two technologies basically allows support for a wide range of use cases including automatic deployment, consortium blockchain management, smart contracts, user and certificate management and software development kit applications (SDK).

It also empowers the company to offer monitoring, operating, maintenance functions and support for both Java SDK and Node.js SDK with built-in security capabilities.

Specifically, the Hyperledger Fabric serves as a foundation for developing distributed blockchain ledger applications within a modular architecture that includes 10 business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Meanwhile, the Ant Blockchain developed by the company’s financial affiliate, Ant Financial Services group, functions as a proprietary blockchain platform backed by a secure network.

AliCloud’s announcement came after a recent opening of two availability zones in the United Kingdom that is also equipped with a new data center location in London that can provide 24/7 onsite support for both security and engineering. The facility is also capable of elastic computing, storage, database, network, big data and application services.


Prior to the said launch, the company only had its Frankfurt and Dubai data center regions in Europe.

Analysts noted that Alibaba’s decision to expand aggressively outside China is due to fact that its competitors in its home country is already closing in with its previously comfortable lead in the market share.

The Alibaba Group is one of the biggest companies in the world that is serious in blockchain investments with reports last month claiming that it now has the most number of blockchain-related patents than any firm in the world.